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  1. Angelus Exacto Glass Fiber Post Trial Pack
    Special Price $45.00 was $55.00
    • Greater radiopacity: allows radiographic visualization.
    • Standardized burs with inactive tip: precise calibration of posts according to burs present in the kit; very thin cement layer.
    • High concentration of fibers: better mechanical properties.
    • Special glass fiber: excellent transmission of light.
    • Double taper: matches root canal shape.
    • Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin´s: lower risk of root fracture.
    • Silicone stop: identifies post size and indicates place for cutting.
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  2. TehnoDent Cresotin Liquid No.1
    Special Price $29.99 was $44.00
    • Pain relief and antiseptics in case of traumatic and acute pulpitis prior to pulp devitalization.
    • Pain relief in case of periodontitis.
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  3. Neelkanth Waste Receiver
    Special Price $6.99 was $11.00
    • Neelkanth Waste Receiver.
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  4. Kuraray Caries Detector
    • Caries Detector is an excellent caries disclosing agent for conservative dentistry.
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  5. Angelus Exacto Intro Kit Glass fiber Post
    Special Price $91.00 was $111.00
    • Greater radiopacity.
    • Standardized burs with inactive tip.
    • High concentration of fibers.
    • Special glass fiber.
    • Double taper.
    • Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin´s .
    • Silicone stop. 
    • Direct use (prefabricated).
    • Longitudinal fibers.
    • Versatility of sizes.
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  6. GC Dental Plaque Disclosing Gel
    • GC Tri Plaque ID Gel is a chairside motivation test that helps educate patients on plaque that remains on the teeth after brushing. 
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  7. Confident Excel 9 Airotor Holder
    Special Price $9.99 was $11.00

    Confident Excel 9 Airotor Holder

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  8. Neelkanth Safe Plus Copal Varnish
    • Protective copal resin based varnish for insulation of exposed pulp of dentine, even for those tissues that are injured by pathological or iatrogenic reasons.
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  9. Matrix / Mylar Strip 200 Pieces
    Special Price $11.99 was $15.00
    • The strips have smooth finished edges for patient comfort. They resist solvents, are very strong, will not stretch curl or break.
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  10. Ultradent Microabrasion Opalustre
    Special Price $39.99 was $55.00
    • For correction of superficial (<0.2mm depth) white, brown, or multicolored enamel defects, including fluorosis discoloration, that have not responded to regular take-home bleaching products.
    • Use Opalustre and OpalCups to quickly remove unsightly enamel decalcification defects that are less than 0.2mm in depth. Abrasion slurries are ideal for superficial white and brown demineralization due to enamel mottling from fluorosis.2  This treatment can be classified under ADA insurance code 9970: enamel microabrasion.
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  11. Angelus Reforpost Steel Metal Post Mini Kit
    Special Price $48.00 was $55.00
    • Direct use (prefabricated): saves clinical time and decreases lab costs. 
    • Standardized according to Largo burs (Largo 2): easy to use.
    • Versatility of sizes (4 sizes): easy do adapt.
    • Not srew-retained: no generation of stresses.
    • Sandblasted surface: excellent retention for the cement.
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  12. DenSafe Patient Bibs Pack Of 100
    Special Price $27.88 was $29.00
    • Super Absorbent front with poly backing.
    • Covers patient's clothes from shoulder to waist.
    • A unique way to keep patients clothes from getting soiled.
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  13. LD Mortar and Pestle Set - LD-121
    Special Price $13.00 was $15.00
    • LD Mortar and Pestle Set - LD-121
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  14. GC G Coat Plus LC
    Special Price $68.00 was $69.00
    • Provides a clear, glossy surface for composite resins, glass ionomers, jacket crowns, veneers and provisionals.
    • Protects glass ionomer restorations against excessive water contamination during initial cure.
    • Increases wear resistance of restorations.
    • Restores aesthetic appearance and marginal integrity when used to repair the interface between restorations and marginal tooth structure.
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