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  1. Shofu COAT IT Light Cured Resin Coat 6ml bottle
    Special Price $54.99 was $66.00

    direct resins for enhanced mechanical properties, durability and aesthetics of the restoration. 

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  2. Kerr TempBond NE
    Special Price $28.90 was $38.00
    • Eugenol free.
    • High bond strength.
    • The optimal option for patients allergic to eugenol.
    • Delivers optimal consistency for solid, complete restoration seatings.
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  3. Ivoclar Vivaglass CEM PL Glass Ionomer Luting Cement
    Special Price $57.99 was $66.00
    • Inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges made of metal.
    • Crowns and bridges made of high-strength ceramics.
    • Metal posts as well as indirect metal post and core complexes.
    • Orthodontic bands.
    • Ready-made steel crowns.
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  4. Shivam Tempfil G Temporary Filling Material
    Special Price $140.00 was $250.00
    • Tempfil- G are temporary filling materials self-curing under humidity for temporary filling of cavities.
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  5. Blossom Nitrile Powder Free Gloves 10 Boxes
    Special Price $110.00 was $150.00
    • Ambidextrous / Beaded Cuff 
    • Non-Sterile / Disposable
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  6. Pulpdent Sparkle Diamond Polishing Paste
    Special Price $49.99 was $100.00
    • Produces a glaze-like high luster finish on porcelain, gold, composite and metal
    • Washes off easily and does not splatter
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  7. Prevest Fusion I Seal Light Cure GIC
    Special Price $19.00 was $35.00
    • Fusion I-Seal is a light cured glass ionomer cement for lining, extended fissure sealing and smaller lesions.
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  8. 3M ESPE Soft Putty
    Special Price $59.00 was $80.00
    • It is a value based VPS soft putty impressioning material . It is a good balance of tear strength, dimensional stability and elasticity
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  9. Shofu Crown & Bridge Preparation Kit
    Special Price $69.00 was $122.00
    • The Crown & Bridge Preparation kit is designed to offer speedy, simple and accurate tooth preparation for a wide range of crown and bridge restorations, veneers and onlays
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  10. Philips Zoom Nite White 22% Teeth Whitening Gel
    Special Price $28.99 was $35.00
    • NiteWhite ACP is the first and only take-home whitener to combine amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), and potassium nitrate and fluoride to provide enhanced whitening results. 
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  11. Philips Zoom Nite White Whitening Kit
    Special Price $99.00 was $149.99

    NiteWhite ACP is available in 22% Carbamide peroxide formulas, as well as a special, high-performance formula that whitens 6 shades in 3 nights. NiteWhite ACP offer wear protocols, for one hour a day, to meet the special needs of individual patients.

    NiteWhite ACP whitens, rebuilds enamel and works in 3-nights, all with dramatically reduced sensitivity.

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  12. Prime-Dent Chemical Self Cure Composite Kit With Bonding 15/15G 002-012
    Special Price $32.99 was $40.00
    • Prime-Dent Chemical Cure Composite Kit 15/15g with Bonding. Highly filled, non-sticky, self curing, hybrid, anterior/posterior composite filling material. 
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  13. Prevest Cal LC Light Cured Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    Special Price $6.00 was $11.00
    • For direct & indirect pulp capping.
    • Acid protection when applying etch technique.
    • As cavity liner under all filling materials.
    • Time-saving, direct application and light curing.
    • Ready to use one component material.
    • Low solubility in oral fluids.
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  14. Itena Perfect Polish Polishing Cups & Discs
    Special Price $49.00 was $56.00
    • Excellent quality of polishing and shine in just one step
    • Can be sterilized in an autoclave with no alteration
    • Compatible with all decontamination product
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  15. Oro Micro Applicator Tips
    Special Price $6.99 was $10.00
    • Head bends to any angle.
    • Wide handle with webbing for better handling.
    • Non-linting fibers suitable for scrubbing.
    • Ease of reach in confined areas.
    • Disposable, to eliminate clean-ups and cross contamination.
    • Available in regular, fine and extra-fine head sizes.
    • Variety of color choices for color coding procedures.
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  16. Kerr Maxcem Elite Self Adhesive Resin Cement
    Special Price $48.99 was $50.00
    • Bond strengths between 22-36 MPa. High bond strengths without an adhesive.
    • Ease of use. No need to refrigerate, easy clean up and no hand mixing required.
    • Compatibility with common substrates. Anterior or posterior ceramics, PFMs and metal restorations and CAD/CAM materials.
    • Efficient self-cure mechanism. Cures completely in the absence of light.
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