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  1. Meta P& Bond Bonding Agent
    Special Price $19.00 was $22.00
    • Bonding for direct composite.
    • Bonding for porcelain, composite, metal repair, set amalgam, post.
    • Bonong for porcelain veneer.
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  2. Heraeus Kulzer Gluma (Glutaraldehyde/HEMA) Bond 5 Bonding Agent
    Special Price $34.99 was $40.00

    The “3-in-1” solution (Single Layer Bond + Desensitizer)The patented chemistry of GLUMA Comfort Bond + Desensitizer combines the excellent adhesive bonding with the desensitising action of GLUMA Desensitizer. Priming, bonding and desensitising in a single step.■ The total-etch adhesive in one bottle for priming, bonding and desensitising.■ Simple application without prior mixing.■ Suitable both for moist and dry bonding techniques.■ For bonding direct composite and compomer restorations, as well as indirect restorations (such as ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays) using lightcuring or dual-curing cements.

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  3. Ivoclar Vivadent Te Econom Bond Bonding Agent
    Special Price $16.79 was $20.00
    • Te-Econom Bond is a single-component bonding agent for enamel and dentin bonding in conjunction with the total-etch technique.
    • One-bottle, one-layer adhesive.
    • High bond strengths.
    • Minimal evaporation of solvent (alcohol).
    • Direct light-curing restorations.
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  4. Prime Dent Bonding Agent 7th Generation
    Special Price $17.00 was $22.00
    • A 5th generation, single component, multi-use adhesive, which is hydrophilic and suitable for use on moist dentin (wet bonding technique).
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  5. Prevest Fusion Self Etch Bond 7 Bonding Agent
    Special Price $15.99 was $22.00
    • As direct / indirect restorations with light cured composites.
    • Single step bonding agent for direct composite restorations.
    • Excellent adhesion to dentine and enamel.
    • Long lasting bonding strength.
    • Universal for all light curing restorations.
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  6. 3M ESPE Adper Single Bond 2 Bonding Agent
    Special Price $36.99 was $40.00
    • A fast, easy and convenient total-etch, single-component bonding agent offering exceptional bond strength.
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  7. Kerr Optibond All In One Bond
    Special Price $28.25 was $35.00
    • 7 percent filler load.
    • Patented formula with GPDM monomer.
    • Water + Ethanol + Acetoneformula.
    • Exellent penetration into dental tubules.
    • Virtually eliminates post operative sensitivity for the patients.
    • Three solvents provide effective dentine and enamel conditioning.
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  8. Voco Admira Bond
    Special Price $79.00 was $99.00
    • Light-cured acetone based dentin/enamel one-coat, one bottle bonding agent
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  9. Kerr Optibond Solo Plus Optibond S Bonding Agent
    Special Price $27.80 was $44.00
    • OptiBond™ S is a single-component adhesive designed for both direct and indirect bonding applications.
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  10. GC G Premio Bond 7th Gen Adhesive
    Special Price $76.99 was $199.00
    • Low pH (1.5) provides effective and consistent bonding.
    • Use in all total-etch, self-etch and selective etch bonding techniques.
    • Low film thickness (3 microns) enables use with resin cements to bond indirect restorations.
    • Universal (8th generation) bonding agent for use in direct and indirect procedures and treatment of hypersensitivity.
    • Up to 5 minutes working time.
    • Consistent bond strength with easy application.
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  11. 3M ESPE Adper Easy Bond Self-Etch Adhesive
    Special Price $47.00 was $55.00
    • All classes of fillings with light-curing composite or compomer.
    • Core build-ups made of light-curing composite.
    • Repair of composite or compomer fillings.
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  12. Ivoclar Vivadent Excite F DSC Bonding Agent
    Special Price $119.00 was $144.00
    • Simple, one-step system due to the patented, initiator-coated applicator brush.
    • No light-curing required if a dual or self-curing composite restorative or luting composite is used.
    • ExciTE F DSC is based on ExciTE F and thus offers the same proven physical properties.
    • Fluoride release.
    • Hygienic Single Dose vessels with applicators in two different sizes: Regular for normal preparations, Small/Endo for micro-cavities and root canals.
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  13. Sun Medical Hybrid Bond Bonding Agent
    Special Price $52.99 was $66.00

    • No etching, just one coat
      The entire bonding procedure takes 35 seconds, start-to-finish.
      Chemically-activated Microbrushes® eliminate mixing.
    • Any composite, any curing light
      Halogen, Xenon (Plasma Arc) or even LED.
    • Thin but robust film
      Only 9 microns but almost no post-op sensitivity.
      The thin bonding layer results in aesthetic margins and perfect contacts between adjacent teeth. The robust coat blocks both mechanical and chemical stimuli to dentin pulp complex.
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  14. Angelus Silano Silane Coupling Agent
    Special Price $29.00 was $44.00
    • Pre activated. 
    • solvent based on ethanol. 
    • Better adhesion.
    • Esasy to use. 
    • Less evaporation. 
    • Enhances bonding of resin materials (resin and cements) to porcelain (ceramic) and glass fiber.
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  15. 3M ESPE Single Bond Universal Bonding Agent 5ML
    Special Price $74.99 was $90.00
    • Go beyond versatile. Discover the universal bonding solution with Single Bond Universal Adhesive
    • Combined Total-Etch, Self-Etch and Selective-Etch adhesive.
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  16. Ivoclar Vivadent Excite F 5ml Refill Bottle
    Special Price $129.99 was $199.00
    • Convenient and economical dispensing from the VivaPen (approx. 120 applications).
    • Also available in bottles and Soft Touch Single Dose vessels.
    • Reliable adhesion, as ExcitTE F establishes a strong bond to enamel and dentin.
    • Consistent quality due to its acetone-free chemistry.
    • Fluoride release.
    • Reduced postoperative sensitivity because dentin surfaces are effectively sealed.
    • Versatile system – Accurate fit of indirect restorations due to the low film thickness.
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