Buy Dental Cement of Various Brands: Ketac, Multilink, Kerr, 3M ESPE, GC, Shofu, Ivoclar Vivadent, Dentsply

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  1. Prevest Fusion Ultra DC Dure Cure Resin Cement
    Special Price $21.00 was $33.00
    • Permanent cementation of crown, bridges and splints Permanent cementation of endodontic posts made of metal, reinforced composite.
    • Permanent cementation of implant retained crowns.
    • Dual curing-light and self curing (Initial set time 2 minutes, final set time 5 minutes).
    • Low film thickness - Low solubility in oral fluids.
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  2. GC Freegenol Temporary Cement Non Eugenol Cement
    Special Price $48.99 was $59.00
    • Eugenol free.
    • No negative effect on polymerisation of resin containing materials.
    • Short setting time.
    • Consistency can be adjusted.
    • Easy to remove from crowns and cores.
    • Special cleaner included.
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  3. Shivam Type 2 Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price $450.00 was $650.00
    • Glass Ionomer Type II is restorative self cured suitable for permanent dental filling.
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  4. Prevest Micron Bioactive Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price $34.99 was $66.00
    • Micron Bioactive is a radiopaque, Hydroxyapatite Modified-Glass Ionomer Cement for restoration of primary teeth, core build up, restoration of class I, limited class II cavities and as a base and liner material.
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  5. DTech Cem Zinc Phosphate Cement
    Special Price $11.99 was $15.99
    • Premium Zinc Phosphate Cement.
    • Comfortable mixing and setting time.
    • Excellent handling.
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  6. Prime Dent Type 1 Luting GIC
    Special Price $19.00 was $25.00
    • Glass Ionomer Liner Cement Kit: 10 g powder bottle, 6 ml liquid bottle, accessories. Multi-purpose cement for the cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, as well as certain orthodontic applications.
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  7. Voco Ionolux Light Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative Cement
    Special Price $64.99 was $89.00
    • Restorations class III an V, especially cervical fillings and root caries.
    • Fillings on deciduous teeth.
    • Small class I fillings.
    • Temporary fillings.
    • Core build-up.
    • Lining.
    • Easy to apply, can be modelled immediately.
    • Does not stick to the instrument.
    • No conditioning of tooth surfaces before placement of the filling.
    • No varnish required.
    • Ideal for Sandwich technique.
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  8. Kerr Nexus RMGI Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price $32.90 was $44.00
      • Only kerr nexus rmgi combines one-peel cleanup, tack cure capability, and outstanding bond strength for consistent, predictable outcomes.
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  9. Prevest Zinc Oxide Powder
    • Extra fine.
    • Arsenic free.
    • Makes a smooth paste with eugenol.
    • Provides sufficient compressive strength.
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  10. Medicept Zincem Zinc Phosphate Cement Large Pack
    Special Price $38.99 was $55.00

    • Adhesive to enamel, dentine and non precious metals – Wide range of uses
    • Proven formula – Reliability assured
    • Radiopaque – Shows clearly under x-ray
    • Easy to mix – To reduce surgery time
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  11. Pyrax Polycarboxylate Cement
    Special Price $9.99 was $14.00
    • Polycarboxylate cement is used in temporary fillings and fillings of deciduous teeth.
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  12. Ivoclar SpeedCEM Plus Resin Cement
    Special Price $109.00 was $140.00
    • Excellent self-cure performance ideal for zirconia and metal-ceramics
    • User-friendly handlingEfficient process with just one component
      • Easy clean-up
      • High Radiopacity
      • Tolerant processing
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  13. Prevest Zinconol Zinc Oxide Eugenol IRM Material
    • As a base under amalgam and non resin restorations.
    • Temporary restoration in emergency treatments.
    • Sealing coronal portion of teeth under endodontic treatment.
    • Excellent physical properties due to added unique polymer reinforcing agents.
    • High compressive strength-High tensile strength.
    • Low film thickness, low solubility and excellent abrasion resistance.
    • High strength comparable to zinc phosphate cement.
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  14. GC Fuji HS Restorative Glass Ionomer Cement Extra Label 9 Mini Pack
    Special Price $26.99 was $33.00
    • GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA is the latest addition to the well established family of glass ionomers that offer unsurpassed wear resistancy, compressive strength, and durability. 
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  15. Shivam Zinc Phosphate Cement
    Special Price $5.00 was $7.00
    •  Zinc Phosphate Cement offers an extremely accurate fit, with good isolation and very high mechanical strength.
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  16. 3M ESPE Relyx Luting 2 Luting Cement Refill Packs
    Special Price $73.00 was $92.00
    • RelyX Luting 2 by 3M is an advanced, self-curing, radiopaque, fluoride releasing resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement.
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