Buy Dental Cement of Various Brands: Ketac, Multilink, Kerr, 3M ESPE, GC, Shofu, Ivoclar Vivadent, Dentsply

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  1. Biodinamica Ionofast Light Cure Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price $38.99 was $66.00


    • Ready to use;
    • Biocompatible and light cured;
    • Ideal Viscosity;
    • High resistance to compression: + 200 Mpa;
    • Radiopaque.
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  2. Meta Biomed NETC Non Eugenol Temporary Cement
    Special Price $18.99 was $20.00
    • Temporary Cementation of crown&bridges
    • Base-Zinc Oxide.
    • Catalyst-Rosin, Nonanoic acid.
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  3. GC G-CEM LINKACE Self Adhesive Resin Cement
    Special Price $129.00 was $155.00
    • Excess cement is easily removed in one piece after only a 1-2 second tack cure.
    • G-CEM LinkAces high flexural and bond strengths prevent loss of retention even when a classical preparation is not possible.
    • G-CEM LinkAce is HEMA-free and shows very low water uptake, delivering exceptional colour stability.
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  4. Ammdent Zinc Phosphate Cement
    Special Price $295.00 was $373.00
    • Zinc Phosphate Cement is used for Luting permanent metal restoration and as a base
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  5. 3M ESPE Relyx Veneer Cement
    Special Price $49.00 was $55.00
    • RelyX Veneer cement is a permanent, light-cure only resin luting material.
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  6. Itena Dentotemp - Long Term Temporary Cement
    Special Price $59.99 was $66.00
    • No eugenol - No interferences with permanent cements
    • High bonding strength, but with an easy removal
    • Leaves perfectly healthy gingiva after removal of the temporary crown
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  7. GC Fuji Gold Label Type 1 Luting Cement Mini Pack
    Special Price $24.99 was $30.99
    • Excellent adhesion to both tooth and metal.
    • Biocompatibility and a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion reduces the risk of post-operative sensitivity.
    • Good mixing properties results in a smooth creamy mix with good flow.
    • Film thickness of just 15 microns makes complete seating of crowns easy.
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  8. Ivoclar Cention N Glass Ionomer Cement Starter Kit
    Special Price $54.00 was $66.00
    • The initiator system enables good chemical self-curing.
    • Stronger than glass ionomer cement.
    • More esthetic than amalgam and glass ionomer cement.
    • Time-saving replacement of tooth structure in only four working steps.
    • Permanent restorations of Class I and II.
    • Restoration of deciduous teeth.
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  9. 3M ESPE Ketac Cem Easy Mix Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price $59.00 was $77.00
    • High fluoride release.
    • Excellent bond strength.
    • High durability.
    • Good pulpal acceptance.
    • Low sensitivity to moisture.
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  10. Shofu HI-Dense XP Eco Pack Miracle Mix
    Special Price $58.99 was $73.00
    • Created for permanent restoration of posterior deciduous teeth, non-stress bearing permanent teeth, core build-up and repair of amalgam restorations.
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  11. Ivoclar Multilink N Refills Transparent
    Special Price $89.00 was $122.00
    • The universal luting composite system Multilink N is suitable for the adhesive cementation of metal, metall-ceramic, all-ceramic and composite resing restorations.
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  12. Prevest Fusion Ultra DC Dure Cure Resin Cement
    Special Price $21.00 was $33.00
    • Permanent cementation of crown, bridges and splints Permanent cementation of endodontic posts made of metal, reinforced composite.
    • Permanent cementation of implant retained crowns.
    • Dual curing-light and self curing (Initial set time 2 minutes, final set time 5 minutes).
    • Low film thickness - Low solubility in oral fluids.
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  13. GC Freegenol Temporary Cement Non Eugenol Cement
    Special Price $48.99 was $59.00
    • Eugenol free.
    • No negative effect on polymerisation of resin containing materials.
    • Short setting time.
    • Consistency can be adjusted.
    • Easy to remove from crowns and cores.
    • Special cleaner included.
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  14. Shanghai Chinese Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price $14.99 was $25.00

    Chinese Glass Ionomer Cement

    • The offered product is formulated and processed using excellent quality ingredients and advance technology in adherence to set quality standards. 
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  15. GC Fuji Gold Label Type 9 Glass Ionomer Cement Big Pack
    • Chemical adhesion to tooth structure allows minimal cavity preparation without the need for etching or bonding agents.
    • Chemical setting without shrinkage allows single step placement without 
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  16. Prime Dent Automix Dual Cure Resin Cement A2
    Special Price $39.99 was $55.00
    • A unique auto-mix system, dual cure, filled multipurpose permanent cement. The cement is for use in final cementations:
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