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  1. Prevest Fusion Universal Composite Master Kit
    Special Price $39.00 was $55.00
    • Fusion Universal is visible light cured, radiopaque highly filled, nano filled hybrid composite restorative material for all cavity classes of anterior and posterior teeth.
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  2. 3M ESPE Filtek Z350 Xt Composite Syringe Refill
    Special Price $36.99 was $46.99
    • Filtek ™ Z350 XT is a dental restorative composite designed for use in anterior and posterior restorations.
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  3. Ivoclar Tetric N Ceram Composite Refill Syringe
    Special Price $23.99 was $30.00
    • Tetric N-Ceram is a light-curing, radiopaque nano-hybrid composite for restorative treatment.
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  4. Septodont Endure Composite Kit Short Expiry
    Special Price $41.00 was $55.00
    • Endure Composite kit is a light cured , radiopaque , resin based dental restorative material with dentin bond and etchant gel kit.
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  5. Dentsply Spectrum Composite Kit
    Special Price $57.88 was $66.00
    • Spectrum Composite Restorative Kit by dentsply is a sub-micron hybrid composite for the restoration of both anterior and posterior teeth. 
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  6. 3m Espe Valux Plus Composite Syringe - Refills
    Special Price $16.99 was $20.00
    • Unique, single filler Valux Plus Restorative System is made of 100% Zirconia/Silica, which allows more particles per gram of paste.
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  7. Prime-Dent Chemical Self Cure Composite Kit With Bonding 15/15G 002-012
    Special Price $32.99 was $40.00
    • Prime-Dent Chemical Cure Composite Kit 15/15g with Bonding. Highly filled, non-sticky, self curing, hybrid, anterior/posterior composite filling material. 
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  8. Ivoclar Tetric N Ceram Composite Kit
    Special Price $74.99 was $99.00
    • Low shrinkage
    • Low wear and high strength
    • Nano colour pigments are responsible for the material´s unique chameleon effect and natural esthetic results
    • The nano-modifier ensures optimum stability, excellent sculptability and convenient handling properties.
    • Polymerization in only 10 seconds (≥ 1.100 mW/cm2 per increment) possible.
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  9. Tokuyama Palfique Estelite LX 5 (3.8gm)
    Special Price $39.99 was $60.00
    • PALFIQUE LX5. Delivering lifelike aesthetic restorations,infused with our Supra-Nano spherical fillers, that was engineered by Tokuyama Dental. 
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  10. Biodinamica Master Fill Composite
    Special Price $13.99 was $22.00


    • Great variety of colors;
    • Great consistency;
    • Good marginal integrity and higher restoration durability;
    • Presents excellent properties of finishing and polishing;
    • Presents great mechanicals properties;
    • Color stability;
    • Fluorescence;
    • Use versatility.
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  11. Ivoclar Tetric N Ceram Bulk Fill Syringe IVA & IVB
    Special Price $39.99 was $50.00
    • Versatile application and shading options.
    • Special filler technology.
    • Bulk fill possible.
    • Esthetic results.
    • Low shrinkage and shrinkage stress due to the shrinkage stress reliever.
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  12. Tokuyama Estelite Alpha Composite Kit
    Special Price $78.99 was $100.00

    ESTELITE® Alpha can recreate very naturally, blending surrounded teeth with only 4 basic shades and 2 opalescent shades in most cases, and obtain very smooth surface having superior gloss after easy polish.

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  13. Anabond Restofill Composite Kit
    Special Price $4,425.00 was $4,860.00
    • Anabond Restofill Kit is a micro hybrid composite material.
    • For Strength and Aesthetics in Posterior and Anterior Filling.
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  14. GC Revotek LC Intro Set Light Cured Temporary Resin
    • Single-component composite resin.
    • Ideal consistency.
    • Light-cured.
    • Light-proof storage case.
    • MMA-free.
    • Simple cementation.
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  15. Shofu Beautifil II Kit
    Special Price $129.00 was $155.00
    • Restorative material that contains the modified S-PRG fillers designed for a variety of anterior and posterior restorations.
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  16. Itena Reflectys Composite Syringes
    Special Price $18.55 was $22.00
    • Layer - Advised curing time 20s (LED) ......2.5 mm
    • Depth of cure.... 2.95 mm
    • Compressive strength ..... 288 MPa
    • Flexural strength.... 143 MPa
    • Flexural modulus .... 9110 MPa
    • Film thickness... 8.2 μm
    • Water sorption..... 13.66 μg/mm
    • Solubility... 0.56 μg/mm
    • Volume shrinkage .... 2.37 %
    • Radiopacity.... 220 % of Al
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