Eighteeth Medical Fast Pack For 3D Obturation System

Eighteeth Medical Fast Pack For 3D Obturation System
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Quick Overview

Heating Time

  • 0.2 Seconds to 200 degree Celsius
  • 0.5 Seconds to 250 degree Celsius
  • Quick heating prevents damage to PDL

Cooling Time

  • 2 seconds
  • Swift cooling prevents GP coming along with heating tip
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Orikam is introducing Eighteeth Medical Fast Pack - Down Pack For 3D Obturation System. It is internally heated tip which the Smartest, Safest and most Sophisticated. In this only the working end of the tip is heated which avoids need for insulated sleeves. The non-working end is insulated internally and stays cool which makes it comfortable for patients and also saves battery. There is a safety cap where the tip's non-working end is plugged into the device which makes it safer to use while changing tips. 

It's 360 degree start/stop ring allows holding the device in any angle which is comfortable for doctors. It has left/right handling operation with comfortable grip and is very light in weight .

It has highly efficient Li-ion batteries which retain charge for longer time. It takes only 2 hours to completely charge alongwith 15 min of turbo charge to 30% and auto-switch to regular charging after that. It can be used for continuous operation till 4 hours at 250 degree celsuis. It can handle 50 cases with single charge. There is an option given to direct plug-in to electric supply when battery goes zero.

  •  360 Degree Start/Stop Ring
  •  Left/Right Handed Operation
  •  Comfortable Grip
  •  Light in Weight


  • To remove excess gutta percha when performing lateral condensation technique, preparation of an immediate endodontic post space, or compact gutta percha to prepare for warm gutta percha injection techniques for 3-D root filling, internal heating of NaOCl
  • Uses heat to cut, soften, downpack and compact the root canal filling material.  It is an integral part of the warm vertical condensation technique.
  • Effectively and tightly compacts and provides hermetic sealing of all canals including lateral canals.
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