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  1. GDC Rubber Dam Kit Set For Pedo DDKP
    Special Price $9,850.00 was $12,500.00
    • A complete Rubber Dam Kit that provides the best isolation for your cases.
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  2. Healix Endomatic Endomotor Without Handpiece
    Special Price $299.00 was $455.00
    • Endomatic is a compact and light weight endomotor adapted to the needs of an endodontics and rotary practice. 
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  3. Neoendo Rotary Retreatment Files
    Special Price $29.99 was $49.00
    • Prepare the access cavity and locate the canal orifice. Remove Gutta Percha from coronal part using hand files.
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  4. Meta Protaper Paper Points
    Special Price $7.99 was $15.00
    • Meta Biomed Absorbent Protaper Paper Points 60/pk
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  5. Biodinamica Biodam Gingival Barrier Liquid Dam
    Special Price $18.99 was $30.00
    • BIODAM promotes relative insulation by adhering to the gingiva and mechanically blocking the passage of any products. It presents ease of application;
    • Color facilitates contrast with the tooth;
    • It adheres well to the gums and removal is easily performed with the aid of an instrument (eg explorers), highlighting the product forwards.
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  6. Prevest Dolo Endogel EDTA Gel Intro Pack
    Special Price $7.00 was $11.00
    • For chemical-mechanical preparation of root canals.
    • Cleansing and enlarging of calcified root canal.
    • Contains appropriate lubricant to minimize potential of file breakage.
    • Helps in mechanical as well as chemical cleansing of root canal preparations.
    • 17% EDTA helps in chelating the calcium salts.
    • Gel helps lubricate endodontic instrument and makes penetration easier.
    • 10% carbamide peroxide promotes internal bleaching on irrigation with hypochlorite solution.
    • Syringe tip delivery. Unsurpassed chelating action.
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  7. Meta Endo Organizer With Gutta Percha Points (240 Points)
    Special Price $19.99 was $25.00

    Meta Biomed Endo Organizer

    • Easy root canal obturation. The ideal way to organize Endodontic Points Packed in plastic Endo Organizer package with 12 compartments.


    #15 - 80

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  8. Angelus Opak Opaquer for Porcelain Repair
    Special Price $21.00 was $28.00
    • Masking agent for dyschromic teeth. 
    • To cover or mask metal cores, or bolts carbon fiber.
    • High Power masking photopolymerizable excellent viscosity can be handled with brushes or brush.
    • Presentation in two colors for better handling of their cases .
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  9. Kerr Life Calcium hydroxide cavity liner
    Special Price $21.00 was $22.00
    • Maintains pulp vitality in cases of exposures and near exposures.
    • Promotes formation of reparative dentin.
    • Insulates pulp against thermal shock.
    • Protects pulp from permanently placed fillings.
    • Has a high early strength (withstands packing pressures).
    • Resistant to acid etching.
    • Does not inhibit polymerization of acrylic or composite restoration.
    • Radiopaque.
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  10. Itena Dentolic Glass Fiber Post Refills
    Special Price $20.99 was $50.00
    • Optimal cosmetic solution for prosthetic restorations.
    • Single ceramic restorations incorporating glass-fiber posts in the laboratory.
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  11. Ammdent Calpex Calcium Hydroxide With Iodoform Paste
    Special Price $19.00 was $23.00
    • For pulp capping and pulpotomy, weeping canal ,treatment of external resorption, apexification, and as temporary filling material of infected root canal in adults and permanent in children.
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  12. Cerkamed Endo Aspirator Single Piece
    Special Price $12.99 was $19.00
    • Endo-aspirator is an easy, disposable device which connects to the suction device, and dries the root canals during endodontic treatment.
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  13. Pulpdent Snoop Caries Detector
    Special Price $56.99 was $78.00
    • Propylene glycol based caries detector stains soft, non-vital outer infected dentin in 10 seconds.
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  14. Sybron Endo M4 Safety Handpiece (25846)
    Special Price $479.00 was $631.00
    • Before using any NiTi rotary file, it is important to establish a glide path using hand files.
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  15. Coltene Roeko Canalbrush (Discontinued)
    Special Price $14.00 was $18.00
    • CanalBrush is a highly flexible endodontic brush made of polypropylene.
    • It is used during root canal treatments to remove dentin, plaque and other impurities loosened by files and drills.
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  16. Coltene Tenax Fibre Posts And Drills - Intro Kit
    Special Price $169.00 was $308.00
    • TENAX Fiber Trans is an excellent alternative to metal posts, if highly esthetic, metal free restorations are desired.
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