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  1. Dentsply Xsmart Endomotor
    Special Price $899.00 was $999.00
    • Simple
    • Compact and Light weight unit
    • Operates on battery or electrical power
    • Provides easy visualisation
    • Operates on battery or electrical power
    • Battery recharging time : approx. 5 hours
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  2. API Baolai P-6 Ultrasonic Scaler With Endo Tip
    Special Price $209.00 was $273.00
    • API Baolai P-6 Ultrasonic Scaler With Endo Tip
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  3. Dentsply Propex IQ® Apex Locator
    Special Price $715.00 was $999.00

    Get more from your cordless X-Smart IQ handpiece by simply combining it to the Propex IQ apex locator via cable.

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  4. Being Foshan Handpiece Bur Chuck Type Standard Head Two Holder
    Special Price $59.99 was $75.00
    • BEING airotor handpiece with WRENCH type is a dental high speed handpiece that is used to carry out dental procedures.
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  5. Acteon Satelec P5 Newtron Ultrasonic Scaler
    Special Price $775.00 was $900.00
    • The Newtron technology enables real-time adjustment of the tips' single plane oscillation amplitude (Cruise Control™) which means a smooth, constant and powerful vibration during treatment.
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  6. Woodpecker Woodpex 3 Apex Locator Gold
    Special Price $225.00 was $300.00
    • Clinical data matching, accuracy rate has been improved to 97.71%
    • Upgraded chip, real time response. The sensitivity has been improved to double.
    • Inovative algorithm, multi-frequency measurement & anti-interference.
    • LCD Screen, the trajectory of the file can be clearly shown with different colors.
    • Multi-frequency apical positioning technology,
    • avoiding the influence of subjective factors for measurment results.
    • Measurment results will not be affected by tooth type,
    • Root canal internal environment.
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  7. Galaxy Cordless Endodontic Endomotor With Led
    Special Price $199.00 was $443.00
      • Ergonomic design,light body easy to carry.
      • when operating,use mini push button 20 :1,contraangle handpiece to coordinate the machine files.
      • 6 kinds of procedures.
      • Automatic reverse and stop working feature.
      • soft start & soft stop can be achieved and the operation is more comfortable.
      • can be sterilized at high temperature & high pressure.
      • High capacity lithium battery.
      • voice prompt when lack of power.
      • with led lamp & high brightness,helps to get a better look at the root canal environment.
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  8. Woodpecker DTE Endo Radar Plus Brushless Endo Motor integrated Apex locator
    Special Price $815.00 was $999.00
    • High-performance brushless motor with reduced vibration & noise.
    • Reciprocation mode to prevent procedural accidents.
    • Auto-reverse function for the preservation of canal anatomy.
    • 360 degree rotatable ultra-mini head with a slim neck for easy access to last molar region.
    • Wireless connection of handpiece with the unit for easy operation.
    • Touchable intelligent HD LCD display system.  
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  9. Acteon P5 Booster Ultrasonic Scaler With 3 Tips
    Special Price $649.00 was $699.00
    • Preserve teeth with perfect ultrasonic vibrations and steel tip quality. Specific hardness of steel,nearest to enamel.
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  10. NSK FX25 1:1 Contrangle Handpiece
    Special Price $199.00 was $250.00
    • Clean Head System.
    • Push Button Chuck.
    • Ball Bearing.
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  11. Woodpecker LM1 LED Curing Light Intensity Meter
    Special Price $26.99 was $55.00
    • Using a light guide, center the light source over the detector window read the useful curing power in mw/c.
    • Used to test the curing power of dental curing light etc.
    • Measures useful curing energy up to 3500 mW/cm2.
    • Light, compact design.
    • Capable of measuring both LED and halogen curing lights.
    • Able to measure intensity up to 3500mw/cm2.
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  12. Azdent Cordless Endomotor With Fiber Optic Handpiece
    Special Price $199.00 was $333.00

    6 program settings can be memorized
    Auto-reverse mode makes operation easier
    Cordless handpiece delivers freedom of movement
    Non-contact type charge design, more safe and reliable

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  13. Eighteeth Medical Ultra X Ultrasonic Activator Endoactivator
    • EIGHTEETH MEDICAL ULTRA X-ULTRASONIC ACTIVATOR works at 45kHz ultrasonic frequencies which utilize the principle of acoustic microstreaming, agitation and cavitation to reach difficult to instrument areas of the complex root canal system.
    • It can be applied endodontically to - Disrupt the smear layer and biofilm and open up the plugged dentinal tubules.
    • Remove gross dentinal debris.
    • Amplify the efficiency of irrigants.
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  14. Gutta Percha Obturation Pen With 4 Tips J4SS
    Special Price $149.00 was $155.00
    • Obturation Pen.
    • Temperature sensor : IC type.
    • Heating time : 2 Seconds.
    • Temperature range : 150-350
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  15. API Baolai B-5 Ultrasonic Scaler Sealed H/P With 5 Tips
    Special Price $166.00 was $182.00
    • API Baolai B-5 Ultrasonic Scaler Sealed H/P With 5 Tips And Led Light
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  16. Woodpecker DTE D5 Scaler With Non LED Handpiece
    Special Price $10,750.00 was $15,000.00
    • Detachable & Autoclavable Handpiece YES.
    • Working Modes 1.Scaling, 2.Perio, 3.Endo.
    • Frequency Tracking Automatic.
    • No. of Titanium Scaling Tips 5 (3 S, 1 P, 1 Stain Removal).
    • Endo Attachment Yes.
    • Power Input 100V to 240V~ 50Hz/60Hz 1.2A (Max).
    • Output Power 3W to 20W.
    • Frequency 28 kHz + 3 kHz.
    • Dimension 188 mm X 159 mm X 81 mm.
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