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  1. Prevest Fusion Core DC Flo Core Buid Up Composite
    Special Price $29.99 was $44.00
    • Core build-up, for vital as well as non-vital teeth.
    • Luting of fibre-reinforced resin posts.
    • Light curing for time saving application.
    • Additional chemical curing for complete polymerisation.
    • Low heat development even in bulk application.
    • Flowable, non slumping formula for convenient placement.
    • Low shrinkage properties.
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  2. Meta Nexcore Core Build Up Material
    Special Price $46.99 was $55.00
    • Suitable viscosity and flow ideal for cementing pins and reconstruction of abutments.
    • Polymerization double - curing and self-cure.
    • Biocompatibility.
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  3. Voco Rebilda DC Dual Curing Core Build Up Composite
    Special Price $78.99 was $155.00
    • Light-curing for time-saving application.
    • Additional chemical curing for safe polymerisation.
    • In three shades: blue for easy identification of preparation margins, dentine for aesthetic. reasons, white as an aesthetic contrast to dentine.
    • Luting of fibre reinforced resin posts.
    • Adhesive core buil up on vital and non vital teeth.
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  4. Ivoclar Vivadent MultiCore Flow 3.5g Shade Medium
    Special Price $54.99 was $66.00
    • The self-curing MultiCore core build-up composite, which may be optionally light cured, brings flexibility to your dental practice.
    • Two techniques, two curing methods and four shades provide an optimum foundation for the reconstruction of vital and non-vital teeth with part or most of the clinical crown missing.
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  5. DMG LuxaCore Z Core Build Up Material A3
    Special Price $84.99 was $99.00
    • All types of core build-up.
    • Cementation of root posts.
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  6. Dentsply Core X Flow Dual-Cure Build-Up Material Refill Pack
    Special Price $164.00 was $177.00

    Core•X™ flow consists of two-components, base and catalyst, which when mixed form a dual-cured, highly filled, composite resin core build-up and post cementation material.

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  7. Dentsply Fluorocore 2 Plus Refill Pack Blue
    Special Price $125.00 was $163.00
    • FluoroCore 2 is indicated for conservative to aggressive core build-up applications.
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  8. DMG Luxacore Z - Dual Automix
    Special Price $66.00 was $181.00
    •  LuxaCore Z cuts like dentine.
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  9. Coltene ParaCore Core Build Up Kit
    Special Price $179.00 was $255.00
    • ParaCore is a dual-cured, glass-reinforced composite resin, radiopaque composite system available in three shades.
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  10. Itena DentoCore Core Buildup Material
    Special Price $45.99 was $56.00
      • Dual (self- and light-curing) Polymerization guaranteed, even in the areas which are unreachable with the LED curing unit light.
      • Rubbery phase allows for removal of excess material
      • Enhanced mechanical properties of conventional Bis-GMA composite
      • Low polymerization shrinkage Better marginal adaptation
      • Excellent compressive strength for long lasting restorations
      • Fluoride release Strengthens natural tooth structure and helps to prevent secondary tooth decay
      • Radiopaque
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  11. Prime Dent Core Build Up Material Dual Cure
    Special Price $39.99 was $66.00
    • A composite based core material designed for the easy fabrication of core build-ups.
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  12. Denu Dual Core Buildup Material A3 Shade
    Special Price $39.99 was $55.00
    Dual-cured (light cured, self cured)
    •Fast and deep dual-cured (Polymerization depth for 20 seconds : 5.1mm)
    •High compressive strength (310 MPa)
    •High bond strength to dentin, enamel and post
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  13. Bisco Light Core Light Cured Core Build Up Material
    Special Price $69.99 was $79.00
    • Light-cured core material allows for immediate prepping after curing
    • 5mm depth of cure* promotes quick build-ups
    • Strong, fiber reinforced (7.8%) core material offers maximum strength for all core build-ups
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  14. Bisco Core Flo DC Lite Single Syringe
    Special Price $64.99 was $77.00

    Core-Flo DC Lite's optimal self-leveling viscosity allows for excellent adaption resulting in gap-free margins when replacing natural dentition with a direct core build-up.

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