Shofu Super-Snap Buff Mini -Disk (PNL524)

Shofu Super-Snap Buff Mini -Disk (PNL524)
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  • Shofu Super Buff Set is Specially designed aluminum oxide impregnated felt discs for polishing of direct tooth coloured restorations with easy to use snap-on system
  • Featuring a synthetic velvet polishing cloth on the outer surface, Super-Snap Buff Discs retain polishing paste during use
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For composite, porcelain or gold restorations

Super-Snap Buff Disks have no metal centers or exposed mandrels that can discolor or gouge composite materials.

It features a synthetic velvet polishing cloth outer surface which retains polishing pastes with minimum splatter or waste.


  • Only a very light touch is needed to produce a highly lustrous shine on porcelains and composites
  • Flexible discs adapt to a tooth’s natural contours
  • Best results are obtained in combination with polishing pastes
  • These discs can be soaked in water until soft and flexible to activate before use
  • The thick disk design enables super polishing of occludal surfaces efficiently
  • Able to super polish multiple surfaces in a single bound without the mess of polishing pastes
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  • 25 x Discs
  • 1 x CA Mandrels
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