Woodpecker Ai Endodontic Cordless motor Adance Booking

Woodpecker Ai Motor Endodontic Cordless motor Adance Booking
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Quick Overview
✅Super mini head on the contra-angle handpiece
✅Head has 360 degree rotation.
✅Built in accurate apex locator.
✅High performance brushless motor with long service life.
✅Wireless charging.
✅Open system. Can change parameters for rotation and recriprocating systems.
✅Smooth rotation, low vibration and quiet motor
✅Speed range up to 1200.
✅ Excellent value for money
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Perform "watch-winding" motion at a fixed 90° before the ledge is bypassed and reciprocate at a fixed forward 180° and reverse 90° after the ledge is bypassed. 

The speed and torque can be adjusted within the range of 100-2500RPM and 0.4Ncm-5.0Ncm(4mNm ~ 50mNm) respectively, enabling safer preparation. 

Built in 30 mainstream file systems. 

Convenient wireless charging

6:1 Contra Angle

Front center-of-gravity

Software update

Customized reciprocating angle. 

Super mini head with a diameter of 8mm and a height of 9.7mm brings clear vision during operation. 

Adjustable rotation angle in reciprocating mode 

20°-340° Adjustment range----10° Adjustment interval

360° Rotatable Contra-angle

Adjustable reciprocating angle (10° interval; adjustment range: 20°-340°); 

Accurate rotating angle reduces risk of instrument fracture and enables higher preparing efficiency.


 Built in Apex Locator

Integrated apex locator mode delivers safety protection. Auto start/stop at root canal orifice. Auto slowdown at narrow apex. Auto reverse/stop at apical stop. 

Integrated apex locator mode (M2) and Apex locator alone mode (MO) + T-mode


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