Woodpecker LX16 Plus Dental Laser Machine

Woodpecker LX16 Plus Dental Laser Machine
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Woodpecker LX16 Plus Dental Laser Machine

Innovative Three Wavelengths Blue Semiconductor Laser Therapy Device

Can be used for the fields of dental soft tissue surgery, endodontic sterilization, periodontal sterilization, peri-implantitis, low intensity laser therapy, oral ulcer, and teeth whitening.

Remarkable treatment effect : There is basically no bleeding during operation, maximally minimizing the postoperative swelling, reducing pain of patients, and accelerating the recovery.

  1. The innovative 450 nm blue laser technology is ideal for soft tissue cutting, ablation, coagulation and incision/excision. At 450 nm, the absorption constant of hemoglobin is two orders of magnitude for ordinary lasers (e.g. 980nm/810nm), making it only need very low laser power to complete the treatment, and the thermal damage during treatment is extremely low.
  2. 976nm is a traditional infrared dental laser. Due to its deep penetration in tissues, it is widely used for the reduction of bacteria in periodontal disease and endodontic diseases. At the same time, this wavelength is also suitable for high power laser treatment (HPLT) and pain reduction in TMJ.
  3. The 650 nm laser is used for low Level laser therapy (LLLT) effects. It is also known as the photobiomodulation (PBM) effect. It will contribute to wound healing and biostimulation of dental surgery.
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